How should I do if I purchase a Memory Crystal product?

Memory Crystal products can be purchased from funeral parlors as well as crematorium institutes for pets who will help you with the realization of the order.
Or you can purchase Memory Crystal product also Pet Urns products directly from us. Only fill in the order form.

How much ash do you need?

Only a small amount of the ashes of the deceased is required. 1 teaspoon per piece is more than enough.

What do you do with any left over ash?

All unused ash is returned to you, along with your completed Memory Crystal® order, unless you request it not to be returned.

How do I send you the ashes?

You can contact your funeral parlor or institute. Or once you have placed your order we will send you a kit which includes an ampoule for you to put the ashes in. We ask that you post it back to us via registered mail. When we have made your order we will send it to you along with any unused ashes, also via registered mail.

What is in the kit?

The kit consists an ampoule for the ashes and a return an envolepe with address label.

For how long will Memory Crystal deliver me.

The maximum delivery time of the Memory Crystal product is 60 days. The product is delivered directly to your address or to your contract institute.

How is ash protected in the case of broken glass urns?

All glass urns contain a protective textile bag, which seals the ash inside the decorative urn. If the decorative urn is broken, the ash remains in the protective bag.